Biography of Samira Barani

Samira Barani was born in Isfahan, Iran. In 2008, She had her first solo exhibition at Central Library of Isfahan. She completed her MA from Ardestan University in 2015. She has worked in Isfahan as an designer since 2005, an occupation which has improved her competence to work with a wide range of materials.

Her work has been exhibited in Korean Embassy in 2016 and national symposiums. In her decades-spanning practice, she has tried to highlight great values such as freedom, equality as well as peace. She also has been one of the jury members of different national symposiums.

She is presently working on different interior designing projects which are allocated to different purposes. Several trainees take courses with her throughout the year which helps her to broaden her creativity and imagination in order to create magnificent spaces. She lives and works in Isfahan city.


A talented, creative and hardworking Artist who has a long track record of creating original pieces of art work, specifically sculptures , through a variety of mediums and materials especially  wood. Samira comes to you from a strong artistic back ground , with a very long history of excellent craftsmanship and with the ability to create art as means of conveying a strong message.
She has joined different exhibitions and art galleries.


2009 – present
Running her own workshop which offers two main services. Firstly training young and eager apprenticeship students and trainees in different fields, such as sculpture (wood-glass-pottery), painting (oil-watercolor-pencil color-pastel), creating different decorations and ornaments (traditional and modern) and other several arty fields. Secondly creating stunning, high quality artwork. Assisting in the development of artistic content across countless platforms and objectives.

2011- 2017
Artist (Danesh Pajoohan):
Jury member of national symposiums and art shows throughout the country, focusing on creativity and artistic features of different artworks.

2011- 2017
Artist Master (Danesh Pajoohan):
Teaching at one of the best-known art institutions in Isfahan, called Danesh Pajoohan. Training numerous trainees has updated her skills and abilities. Hands-on training is a must for her.

2015- 2017
Artist Master:
Taking part in professional Interior architecture courses to gain inspiration from accomplishment of different projects. She finished all her projects with A+ grades.

Solo exhibition in Central Library of Isfahan. Demonstrating her latest paintings as well as sculptures. It was widely popular in Isfahan and received good reviews.


Proficient with AutoCAD ,Woodcarving, engraving, painting, and knowledge of cutting-edge art techniques


2015- 2017
Ardestan University: MA in Interior Architecture

2003- 2007
Payam-Noor Esfahan: BA in Handicrafts

1997- 1998
Iran Vocational School: Art Diploma